The following is a general report on many of the actions, including pictures and video, from Popular Resistance: (Sunday) (Saturday)

​Short report on the NYC march and rally by Sara Flounders: 

Some pictures of the NYC rally from Brooklyn For Peace:

Some video of New York rally:


Some media coverage of the Oakland rally: ​and

Lots of pictures from the Oakland rally:

Some Green Party Photos from the Oakland rally:

Some Oakland press coverage:

More Oakland pictures:

Minneapolis, 70 + people in a blizzard:

Chicago video:   

​Report from Bath, Maine:

Report from Portland, OR:

Report from Vancouver, Canada:

Report from Dallas, TX:

Picture of Portland, Maine rally:

Pictures from Buffalo, NY:

Pittsburgh Tax Day rally:


Reports on Spring Actions
​Below are reports on the various Spring Actions

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 Spring Actions 2018